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Marketing and Sales

If you apply for a position listed below or would like a recommendation, please contact Josh Stubbolo at

The database market is expected to be $89B+ by 2024 and SingleStore is leading its disruption via next generation technology of real-time, multi-model distributed SQL databases. Previous eras of  cloud databases used legacy single-node database building blocks or narrow, specialized NoSQL one-trick ponies. SingleStore is the unified database for fast analytics on any data anywhere which brings all of these data models together which brings query latencies down to single-digit milliseconds for massive streaming data. Customers include large enterprises like Uber, Disney, GE, and Dell as well as fast growing SaaS startups.


The SingleStore community is transforming what’s possible with real-time data and empowering developers to build world-beating analytics SaaS products. You will be a part of a team of developer advocates who are all focused on research, writing and publishing technical content relevant to SingleStore Managed Service. You will code sample applications, write technical to produce content (e.g. videos, blog posts, podcasts, etc.) that is meaningful and helps developers learn. This team works closely with community managers, Product Marketing, Product Management, and Engineering. 


Join our team and be at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

They have 6 open positions in leadership marketing roles as well as hiring 40 sales people.

Marketing Roles (San Francisco, CA)

Technical Evangelist (Remote)

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